Published Studies


Training High School Counselors on the Use of Motivational Interviewing to Screen for Substance Abus

 Interdisciplinary faculty implemented a project to enhance school personnel's knowledge and skills in screening and motivational interviewing for substance abuse in two Boston high schools. 

Transporting Motivational Interviewing to School Settings to Improve the Engagement and Fidelity of

In this article, the authors describe their efforts to infuse motivational interviewing into a well-established Tier 2 intervention, First Step to Success.

Anthropometric outcomes of a MI school-based randomized trial involving adolescents

The aim of this study was to evaluate whether MI was superior to conventional counseling to improve the anthropometric outcomes of adolescents with obesity/overweight. 

Motivational interviewing as a positive response to high‐school bullying

Responses to bullying are limited to traditional punitive approaches or “no‐blame” approaches aiming to restore the relationship between the targeted students. Neither of these approaches may effectively engage the perpetrator of bullying at a motivational level, and we propose motivational interviewing as a means of promoting meaningful behavioral change among youths who bully. 

Using Motivational Interviewing With School-Age Bullies

The article provides a general overview of the basic motivational interviewing tenets and a practical, step-by-step guide describing how to utilize motivational interviewing with school-age bullies. The authors’ professional counseling and supervisory experiences have found that motivational interviewing is a viable treatment option for school-age perpetrators who originally were resistant to engage in more traditional counseling theories.




motivational interviewing, motivational interviewing training

The authors of this book have made a very important contribution in producing a book that literally provides a roadmap for how to realize MI's potential in school and family contexts.


This pragmatic guide spells out how to use motivational interviewing (MI) to have productive conversations about behavior change with adolescents and young adults in any clinical context.